Welcome to this snowmobile expedition to the most extreme and exciting nature area of the European continent. Overnight at “Adventure Camp Mehamn”, comfortable fisherman’s cottages on the seawater!

Snowmobile trails that crosses breathtaking panoramas you cannot even imagine. High mountains, deep canyons, and crystal clear blue arctic sea water when driving along the typical Norwegian fjords. All these exciting adventures presented and guided by Vidar the Viking, local Norwegian guide living at Mehamn, the northernmost fishing village of the world.

Nordic Safari AS offers a large choice of professional  expeditions from 2 to 7 days in Lapland. For more detailed info please click on Read more.




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Huntig the light - 2 hours Snowmobile Safari

Welcome to this night safari. Crossing the white desert of the Nordkyn peninsula, hunting the northern light (aurora borealis)!  Read more


Mehamn - 2 days Snowmobile Expedition
Drive around on your snowmobile around all the Nordkyn peninsula and spend your nights in the confortable fisherman cottages.  Read more

North Cape Snowmobile - 2 days Expedition
Drive your snowmobile to the famous North Cape in only 2 days. Overnight in comfortable cabins on board of the Hurtigruten ship. Read more

Arctic Trail Lévi - Mehamn - 3 days Expedition
660 Km from finnish lapland to the Nordkyn peninsula, driving through forest and lakes. Overnight at Sami earth cottages. Read more

Nordkyn Peninsula Snowmobile - 3 days Expedition
Enjoy the fantastic panorama view over the fjords and climb exciting mountains with absolute no vegetation. Read more

Finland - Norway - 3 days Expedition
Ride through the spectacular white desert of Lapland and pass the northernmost point of the European continent. Read more

Alta - North Cape - 4 days Expedition
From Alta to the northernmost point of Europe, driving on snowmobiles along the coast of Finnmark. Read more

Kirkenes - Finland - Mehamn - 4 days Expedition
Enjoy the panorama view over the Barents Sea driving from the easternmost to the nortermost point of Norway. Read more

Barents Sea - Nordkyn - Finland - 4 days Expedition
Drive along the typical norwegian fjords and the crystal clear blue arctic sea water. Overnights in fishermen's cottages. Read more

Coast of Finnmark - Alps of Lyngen - 4-5 days Expedition
Climb the majestic Alps of Lyngen and enjoy the fantastic panorama view from the high summits. Read more

Three Nordic Countries - 5 days Expedition
850 kilometers on snowmobile through the most remote and wildest landscapes of Sweden, Finland and Norway. Read more

Arctic Extreme - 5 days Expedition
1'400 kilometers in an exceptional snowmobile safari in the most extreme area of the european continent. Read more

Snowmobile Expedition in the land of Polarbears- 5 days
Go on the top of the world with your snowmobile to see the polarbears and travel back to another time of age. Read more

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