Hunting the light


In cooperation with Hurtigruten we offer you a special snowmobile safari searching for the northern lights!

The safari is espescially created for guests of the Hurtigruten arriving in Mehamn. Within the time the Hurtigruten ship goes from Kjøllefjord to Mehamn, we offer you a guided tour through the wilderness looking for the northern lights.

We also offer this adventure on the southbound ships arriving Mehamn at 01:00 in the morning. This tour is called snowmobile tour in the Polar Night!

It is a spectacular view to see the Northern Light flaming over the sky in pink, violet, blue,green and even red colours.

As we are driving at the Northernmost mainland of Europe and have total darkness when we turn the lights off on the snowmobiles, the chances to see the Northern Light is very high.

When Hurtigruten arrives in Mehamn harbour, which is the next stop after Kjøllefjord, you will be already at the pier, waiting for the boat to pick you up. And you will be just in time to have dinner on board.

An expearience you shurely don't wan't to miss!

Let Vidar The Viking and his guides take care of your safety and offer you a relaxed and impressive trip to the Aurora borealis or as he says: The Northern light

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