King Crabs Fishing

 King Crab Fishing Adventure!


Deadliest Catch - Under safe conditions!


From Adventure Camp Mehamn we go for King Crab Fishing in The Barents Sea


Welcome on board our traditional fishing vessel "MS Odd Tore"to this exciting King Crab fishing adventure !

We are setting out from Adventure Camp Mehamn for checking our

King Crab traps at the safe fjords of the Barents Sea near Mehamn fishing village.


Well back to the Adventure Camp we cook this King Crab delicatesse and serve you a gastronomic adventure at our seafood restaurant!!














King Crab Fishing Adventure

The King Crab was planted in the Barents Sea at the coast of Russia in 1970

The population as grown and since the last 7-8 years we have fished this delicatesse in the Norwegian fjords of Finnmark. The size of the crab is from 2,5 - to 8 kilogram.


09:00 Dressing up in warm comfortable floating suits, shoes, caps, and gloves

09:30 Departure with fishing vessel Odd Tore, certified for passenger traffic.

           We depart directly from the front of our seafood restaurant.

          Our certified crew of 2 persons takes care of your comfort and safety.


We are driving out at the Barents sea, sometimes we also bring with fishing rods, for deep sea fishing for the Cod, delicious deep sea fish, the main sea food export product of Norway.


Lunch will be served on deck on the boat


We approach the King Crab fishing banks, where we have set out the traps some days before.

Exciting moment - will we have the luck to get the Crabs??

This is nature: Some days we get a lot - some days we get nothing!



The action starts. We are winching up the traps one by one. If one is empty we continue to the next. Hopefully we will have the deck full of these King Crab Monsters.

The captain will tell the story of the King Crab during his work on deck.


After the traps have been set back to the sea  we are setting course for Adventure Camp Mehamn again. We stop by the pier at the adventure Camp and deliver the catch to our restaurant chef.


While waiting for the delicious dinner we rest at the Fishermans cottage or taking a hot Sauna bath.

16:30 Seafood dinner buffet!

          The catch of today is served as a delicious buffet.

We enyoy the tasty king crabs catch, with a good glass of white wine.......


This is " Deadliest Catch" in safe comfortable environment!


Thankyou for an unforgetable adventure!


This King Crab safari is also sold in cooperation with Hurtigruten,

Book a day off the ship in Mehamn and do your Deadliest Catch, king crab fishing in Mehamn. See the program at



King Crab Fishing as described in the Program NOK 1.800,- Pr. person


Activities offered on arrival day to Adventure Camp Mehamn:


Sauna. NOK 120,- pr.person

Outdoor hot tub bath. NOK 350,- pr.person

Guided Snow shoes tour NOK 400,- pr.person

Guided Cross Country skiing NOK 500,- pr.person

Guided Snowmobile "Nordic light safari" NOK 850,- pr.person

Rent a car, guided Nordic Light Safari NOK 750,- pr.person



Do the same King Crab fishing adventure on your Bergen - Kirkenes voyage - Go off the ship, participate on the adventure and continue your voyage the day after.

This program can also be done on the Kirkenes - Bergen voyage.






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