Mountain Biking

Welcome to an unforgettable expedition to the most extreme and exciting nature area of the European continent. Country side roads that cross breathtaking panoramas you cannot even imagine. High mountains, deep canyons and crystal clear blue arctic sea water when driving along the typical Norwegian fjords.

Excellent food based on local traditions in maritime environment often served on board the ship called ”Hurtigruten”, the coastal express of Norway.

All these exciting adventures presented and guided by Vidar the Viking, local Norwegian guide living at Mehamn, the Northernmost fishing village of the world.



Day 1: Ivalo - Kiilopaa

Arrival at Ivalo airport.
Transfer by bus to Kiilopaa sports centre.
Meeting Kiilopaa guide for tactical briefing about the expedition, maps, tourdescription, weatherforcast and vouchers for the overnights.
Sauna, dinner and overnight.

Day 2:
Kiilopaa – Inari

Start from the Kiilopa Sports centre, driving along asphalt road trough the forest 6 km to the main road nr. 4. Taking right and north for Saariselka tourist village. 14 km.
Saariselka to Ivalo city along main road 35 km.
Ivalo to Inari village along the beautiful lakes 40 kilometres.
Inari offers boat tours at the Inari lake, and the modern Siida Sami museum.
After Inari we bike 4 kilometres further north and then left for 6 km to Riutula holiday village, Vasatokka.
We are checking  in at cottages for  6-10 persons or rooms for 4-6 persons.
Sauna by the inland lake.
Dinner and overnight.

Day distance: 101 km


Day 3: Riutula – Utsjok village

Biking along the main road to Kaamanen guesthouse 34 km.
From now on we are biking through the desert part of Finland with longer and longer distance between the houses. Lots of pure virgin nature!
Coffee break at Kaamanen guesthouse.
We start out again  driving through the Finnish wilderness, bound for Utsjok village 94 kilometres north of us. The roads are flat and easy to bike. The last 15 km. Down to utsjok is downhill and easy to bike.
On the way we are passing Kevo national park and some kilometres south of Utsjok we see the characteristic stone church of the region.
Checking in at Valle Lomakyla / Camping at Utsjok.
Sauna dinner and relax in the light summer night.

Day distance: 128 km.

Day 4:
Utsjok – Tana Bru

Biking 47 km along the famous Tana river,  making the border between Finland and Norway, to Nuorgam village. Road E 75.
Lunch and shopping at Suomenrinne shopping center.  Also beer and wine shop.
After lunch we are biking across the Finnish- Norwegian border, 24km along road 895, to Skipagurra road crossing, turning left and continue 5 kilometres along road 890 to Tana Bru village where we overnight at Tana touristhotel and camping. 

Day distance: 76 km


Day 5: Tana Bru - Ifjord

Biking along road 98, 24 km to Rustefjelbma village with petrol station. 
Turning left, 6 km to Smalfjord Harbour where we meet the Barents sea for the first time.
At Smalfjord we have the alternative to travel with the bikes on board the Catamaran boat route along the fjord to Skjånes village, situated 50 km south east of Mehamn.
The catamaran boat Departs Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from Smalfjord. 1 hour 20 minutes cruise to Skjånes harbour.
Further from Smalfjord we continue the exciting road along the fjords of western Tana; Smalfjord, Torhop, vester Tana and Sjursjok before we are crossing the 37 km long Ifjord mountains.
Climbing up to 327 metres. Passing the summer camp of the Karasjok samis, before descending to Ifjord guest house at sealevel again  by the Laksefjord.
Sauna and dinner at Ifjord guesthouse.

Day Distance to Ifjord: 88 km

By taking the Catamaran boat: 80 km to Mehamn – Overnight at Adventure Camp Mehamn

Day 6:
Ifjord - Mehamn

Driving along road 888 along the beautiful scenery by the Salmon fjord with a lot of panoramic views of the Barents sea.
Arriving to Lebesby village with the last shop and café before Mehamn.
Continue to Bekkarfjord road station 17 km. Here we find open service house with toilet and sitting places in case of rain.
Biking over the weather extreme Nordkyn Mountains. Climbing up the steep hills after Bekkarfjord and driving the high Nordkyn mountain road 42 km., the highest road of Finnmark, 420 metres above sea level. The nature is totally without vegetation, but still food enough for a lot of reindeers in this area, only rocks and rocks again, as long as your eyes can see. The road is under construction and parts of the road are surfaced with stones and gravel. Watch out and carry tire repair tools with you.  
Driving down the steep exciting Smielv valley ending up at Hopseidet, with fantastic view of two fjords and the narrow 300 metres of land that connect the Nordkyn peninsula with the mainland. After Hopseidet we climb up again 5 km  to 220 metres above sea level, after this the terrain is flat for 15 kilometres with downhill the last 10 kilometres down to Mehamn fishing village and Adventure Camp Mehamn. – situated at Holmen Island just across the harbour of Mehamn.

At the Adventure camp Vidar The Viking is welcoming you with cold beer and hot Sauna !
Celebration seafood dinner.
Overnight in fishermens cottages or youth hostel.

Day distance: 100 km

Day 7:
Mehamn – Sletnes lighthouse

Late Breakfast.
Sight seeing Mehamn.
Driving along The Barents Sea Fjords – named after the Dutch explorer Wilhelm Barents –
23 kilometres to Slettnes lighthouse – with panorama view over the Barents sea!
Outdoor lunch or buy the lunch at the Gamvik guesthouse.
Biking back  or minibus back to Adventure Camp Mehamn

20:00 Departure with the famous Norwegian coastal steamer ship “Hurtigruten”.
Bikes on board. Cruising along the Barents sea, passing the fishing villages
22:30 Berlevåg


Day 8: Vadsø - Nuorgam

Still at coast express ship Hurtigruten.
00:30 Båtsfjord harbour, and 04:00 Vardø harbour.
Breakfast buffet onboard, before arriving
08:00at Vadsø City, The capitol of Finnmark.

Biking along the Road 98 Varangerfjord, flat terrain, Vadsø – Jakobselv village 17km., Jakobselv – Nesseby village 19km, Nesseby - Varangerbotn village 13km, Varangerbotn – Skipagurra rad crossing 13km, then  left for Finland  and 23 km along road 895 to Nuorgam camping.

At Nuorgam camping we enyoy sauna and dinner while waiting for the post bus taking us back to Kiilopa sports centre.

Day distance: 85 km.

Day 8: Nuorgam - Kiilopaa

Bus early morning Nuorgam – Ivalo - Kiilopaa.
Sauna and shower.
Dinner and overnight.

Day 9:
Kilopaa - Ivalo

Bus transfer to Ivalo airport.
Departure by plane to home destination.


Prices: On request                                                           


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