Slettnes Lighthouse

The Northernmost mainland lighthouse of the world.
Position N. 71.05.03 E 28.13.10.

Video: Birds and lighouse on Slettnes sent 2004

We can offer exciting adventures at Slettnes lighthouse. The lighthouse is situated in Finnmark at the Nordkyn peninsula in the community of Gamvik, far out at the cast of the Barents sea.
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The lighthouse is situated 23 kilometres from Mehamn airport. And 3 kilometres from the excotic fishing village Gamvik.

The lighthouse is situated at the same latitude as the northern tip of Alaska.

The lighthouse is automatically served for the international ship traffic passing by, outside at the Barents sea. The lighthouse is protected as an cultural heritage by the government of Norway.

The lighthouse is situated in Slettnes nature reserve which is a 12 km2 piece of land south of the lighthouse preserved because its unique wetland areas and birdlife.

The reserve also has a rich arctic botanic flora. Contact us at the lighthouse and we will provide you with information.


We can offer accomodation in rooms of the original standard in the lighthouse buildings.
See the midnight sun or feel the rough storm outside and sleep comfortable in this maritime environment.


Breakfast, Lunch and dinner.
We serve light meals based on local traditional seafood.
In the lighthouse we can offer souvenir shop and a Café with all rights of serving drinks.


Climb the stairs to the top of the lighthouse. At fixed times we offer guided tours to the top of the lighthouse. Enjoy the panorama view of the Barents sea and the coastline.


Watch video from NRK

We arrange guided daily bird watching tours at certain times of the day.
Slettnes Lighthouse is a perfect base for bird watching. You can walk the marked bird watching path on your own. Video of bird watching from Slettnes lighthouse.


Welcome to participate in this exciting bird watching safari at the Barents sea. Outside the lighthouse. In the sea we find a fantastic rich number of different seabirds.

Contact us at the lighthouse or at Adventure Camp Mehamn for further information.


In the sea just outside Slettnes lighthouse we find a colony of seals.
From the lighthouse or from the port of Gamvik we arrange photo safari by boat to the seal colony. On this safari you can see this huge seals on close distance.

Booking: Slettnes lighthouse / Adventure Camp Mehamn


Welcome to participate in this boat safari where we visit the Barents sea outside the lighthouse and the calm fjords Risfjord and Koifjord east of Gamvik village. Feel the enormous Barents sea and the idyllic green landscape of the calm fjord district in this 4 hour long boat safari

Booking: Slettnes lighthouse / Adventure Camp Mehamn


Rent a bike at Slettnes lighthouse or at Adventure Camp Mehamn, and bike the 23 kilometer panorama road between the Lighthouse and Mehamn. Either you bike from Mehamn or Slettnes lighthouse you can deliver the bike and we return it back to the renting place. In this way you do not need to bike same way two times.

Booking: Slettnes lighthouse / Adventure Camp Mehamn


Drive your own speed boat from Adventure Camp Mehamn to Slettnes lighthouse!
Welcome to this action filled guided speed boat safari where you will be instructed in driving your own boat. Together we drive in formation along the rough coastline in and out the fjords to Slettnes lighthouse. We anchor the boats in the bay outside the lighthouse and enjoy the lunch at the lighthouse café.

More picture of speedboat safari

After lunch we are setting course for Adventure camp Mehamn again.
This time we are routing further out in the sea.
Arriving the marina of Adventure Camp Mehamn in the afternoon.

Booking: Slettnes lighthouse / Adventure Camp Mehamn


At Slettnes we can offer 3 marked hiking routes.
Select your theme of Bird Watching, the cultural path or the nature path. Mehamn – Slettnes Lighthouse 28 kilometres.

From Mehamn there is a marked route to the panorama view summit of Trollhetta 251 m.asl
From Trollhetta to Slettnes lighthouse you follow the marked route at the map

Contact Slettnes lighthouse / Adventure Camp Mehamn for buing maps and information.

We also have several other hiking routes – contact us for map service and more information about these tours.





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