Speed boat

Welcome to a new way to experience the exciting fjords of Norway! Drive your own speed boat for half a day to several days. Securely guided and instructed by the local guide Vidar The Viking, following you with the larger security speed boat.

1 day Speed Boat Safari


We start the tour with a 1 hour safety and driving course in the conference room at Adventure Camp Mehamn.After receiving the instructions we dress up in floating suits. 1 or 2 persons as drivers in each boat.

The leader guide boat will drive in front and the speed boats in formation convoy behind. Each speed boat driver has radio contact with the security leaderboat by VHF radio.

The guide captain will give instructions, guiding about the scenery and history of the places and fjords we visit.



We start out from the marina at Adventure Camp Mehamn, safely dressed up in floating suits. 1 to 2 persons in each boat. With the security guide boat in front we are cruising in formation along the Barents sea, driving in and out the fjords and exciting sites along the coast.


3 Nautical miles west of Mehamn we visit the Magkjel fjord, well known as a good fishing fjord and also the home of 2 seal colonies.

We are driving near the coast and often we see the sea eagle in this fjord. We make a stop at Magkjeila where we still can see rests of the houses of brave fishermen, living here in the late 1800 century.

Just in this area lives colonies of huge seals up to 300 kilo. We drive slowly around the tip of Magkjelspira to be able to catch an eye on them and take a photo.

After passing the seal colonies we set the course for Cape Nordkyn – the northernmost cape of the European Mainland. 71. 08.00 North.

After passing the cape we are heading for the Western Sand fjord. In the bottom of the fjord the most beautiful sand beach appears. In this fjord we often have seen the Beluga – the white whale.

We enjoy the view and continue to the former fishing village Roren. If the weather is good we anchor up the boats in the bay and drive to the beach with the Zodiac rubber boat. At the beach we make a campfire out of the enormous masses of driftwood that we can find here on these beaches.

After a good coffee break we board the boats again starting up fo.r our home harbour and Adventure Camp Mehamn.

Thank you for a great Adventure on the Barents Sea!

This exciting adventure includes: Security and driving course, safety equipment and clothing, speed boat, gasoline, safety guide and boat.

Price pr.
Person: NOK 3.500,-

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