DATES : March - April

Welcome to this great cross country skiing expedition through the Finnish and Norwegian Lapland -  230 kilometres - ending up at the northernmost cliff of the European continent - Cape Nordkyn  Position 71°08¢00² northern latitude. Experience the forests of Finland through the white desert of the Norwegian mountain plains and the panorama view of the Barents Sea!

Luggage and food transported by our guide with snowmobile. The skiing guide takes You safely through this enormous mountain area.



A good skiing technic is demanded to be able to follow the long day distances of  this expedition.

Daily distances varies from 25 to 40 kilometres. The temperatures, however, are not going to fall beyond -5 to -15 degrees but in case of strong winds or storms, the progress of the expedition can become very hard.



Cross country skis, ski wax, (neverwax skis is a good alternative), shoes with covers, wind proof outer clothing, woollen socks, skiing gloves, extra mittens, extra fleece or woollen pullover, extra socks, sun glasses/cream, small torch, sleeping bag, towell, soap, and alpine googles.



Cross country skis, sticks, shoes, alpine googles, and sleeping bag can be rented from Nordic Safari AS.



Bring personal luggage in a solid bag. Max weight The luggage will be transported on the sledge of the service snowmobile to each overnight cottage.



During the skiing day You can carry a light backpack with your personal small things needed for the day. Thermo bottle, chocolate, extra windjacket, camera  etc.                         





 Day 1 - Kirkenes - Nuorgam, Finland

Arrival by plane to Kirkenes airport, Norway.

Transfer by minibus, to the border of Finland at the border village  Nuorgam,  the starting point of  the expedition.

A good traditional dinner will be served.

During the evening, detailed information about the expedition will be given.

Overnight in camping cottages     




 Day 2 - Nuorgam - Dun Kratt

Welcome to Norway, the country of our Norwegian guide Vidar the Viking.

He is leading us from the Finnish border to Finnmark (northernmost region in Norway).

After having crossed the frozen river of  Tana (altitude  57 metres), the journey will continue rising progressively between hills covered with birches, divided by a myriad of lakes before coming back to a open desert  mountain area. Situated at the margin of the birch forest, the cabin of Dun Kratt (211 metres), rented from the local reindeer owners.


Day distance 27 km.




Day 3 - Dun Kratt - Ifjord

Today, You will really explore the great, white desert, called the Ifjord mountain. Just white snow, absolute no vegetation as long as Your eyes ever can see.

After lunch, the terrain descend down to the Sami village, Sjåvatn.

Dinner and overnight in comfortable cottage

From this day we have to be prepared for the risk of stormy weather will increase as we approach northwards to the coast of the Barents Sea.


Day distance 35 km.




Day 4 -  Ifjord Mountain - Laggo

This day will be one of the most varied of all. We will climb small mountain tops, descend down long valleys, ending up to the Laggo river.

The frozen path of which we will follow until the Barents Sea welcomes us with the fjord of  Langfjorden. The sight of  Laggo, a small harbour, is fascinating with the first discovery of  its amazing connection between the ocean and snow.

The night will be spent  in  countryside cottages equipped with sauna and shower.


Day distance 35 km.




Day 5 -  Laggo - Skjånes - Mehamn

Early breakfast

Today we are skiing along the beach of the the Barents sea.

Short walk of 15 minutes down to the harbour.

Embarqing the Catamaran ship, lifting snowmobile and luggage on board.

Enyoying a comfortable 1 hour cruise along the calm sea at the fjord Langfjorden.

Arriving The small fishing village Skjånes.


From Skjånes, we will start the skiing by a steep climb (400m of difference in altitude). Following frozen lakes that form successive levels finally  taking us to the summit of Sandfjellet, 500metres above sea level. Great panoramic view from the summit.

Lunch in Sami tent after descending down the other side.

The rest of the  route, will be a long crossing of the white desert plains of the Nordkyn peninsula. In the afternoon we descend down to "Adventure Camp Mehamn", nice comfortable fishermans cottages on the sea, situated on an island in the harbour of  Mehamn fishing village.  Hot Sauna and outdoor bath.

Dinner at the new restaurant on the pier.

We take a good night rest to be strong for the last challenge tomorrov - Cape Nordkyn!


Day Distance 35 km.




Day 6 -  Adventure Camp Mehamn - Cape Nordkyn

Depending on the weather condition,s we start out in the morning, heading for the great goal of the expedition - Cape Nordkyn!

The nature is wild and we have to cross valleys, climb small mountain tops and descend steep hills, on the way out to this majestetic cliff, surrounded by the Barents Sea on all edges.

Outdoor lunch

Finally we reach the cliff, facing the barents sea.A memory for lifetime!

Panorama view 360 degrees.

We will return to Adventure Camp Mehamn, assisted by the service snowmobile, pulling us by ropes half way of the distance. We enjoy a comfortable shower and sauna, sniffing at the atmosphere of Mehamn fishing village.

Dinner at the pier restaurant.


Day distance 45 km




Day 7 - The Storm day

This expedition goes in the most weather extreme area of Europe. Snowstorms can delay us for hours or even one day. To insure that we really can manage to reach Cape Nordkinn, we reserve this day as an optional day in case storms make it impossible to reach the cape or delay us earlier in the week.


If the weather is good all the time and we reach the cape in time, we use this day to go for an extra goal of the expedition - the peak of Middagstua  with panorama view over Mehamn village and the Barents sea.


We also have time to visit the village of Mehamn


20:00 Departure with the coast express back to Kirkenes

During the night, we are cruising along the coast of eastern Finnmark, visiting 3 fishing villages and the capitol of Finnmark region, Vadsø.



Day 8 - Kirkenes

Breakfast onboard

10:30  Arrival at Kirkenes 

Transfer by minibus to the airport

12:50 Home travel - Departure by plane


Welcome to join us for this unforgettable skiing expedition through the most beautiful and extreme nature in the northern Europe!       



The price includes: accommodation, full board on expedition, transfers, boat tickets, guiding and transport of the equipments.

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